3 Tips for Making Great Music for Ads

Advertising is a lucrative business, for all the people involved – Agencies, video producers, Copywriters and of course us musicians. I’d be lying if I told you it’s easy to get into. There are a lot of gatekeepers and lots of frustration and hardwork, for  just getting your music placed. I will talk about this in another post. In this post, lets see what you need to do for your music to work for ads.

1. Sad music does not work for Ads.

Well, it may not be always true, but 99.9%  of the time its true. Most of the ads show/represent some kind of a product/service. The company representing the product would like to display that their product improves lives, makes people feel happy, motivates them to buy, inspire them to take action. In all these things, sad music does not work for ads. So if you are really looking for breaking into ad space and make music for ads, make sure that you music is kind of happy, easy going, inspiring…. this is what works for Ads.

2. Always have a Backing track.

Whenever you create Music for Ads, keep the backing track ready with you. Most of the time, the ad will have voice over done to it, and the agency would like the freedom to choose where to keep the voice over, and which part of the song they would like to play with lyrics and which one without. So, help them by providing the backing track with the original song, they would appreciate it.

3. Keep up with the Trends.

So if you are reading this, that means you are very keen on making music for ads. If you are so keen, do not stop learning. If you want a lasting career in advertising music, keep up with the latest music trends in the ads. For any given period, you will notice that a certain kind of music plays more in ads. Currently, most of the music for ads has more acoustic feel to them with lots of ukulele, claps, whistle. And in India, the latest trend being using Dub-Step kind of music for anything aggressive these days. So keep up with the trends. A good place to listen to latest ads and their music is AdWeek.com

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