Look me in the Eyes – Become Legendary

One of my personal favorite Ad Campaign and not due to the music or song it features. This one is by Nike and came sometime in 2008, and I still go back to this video, muttering the words silently in my heart. And it never fails to inspire and motivate you. A Must Watch.

Look me in the Eyes.
Its Ok, if you are scared, So Am I,
But we are scared for Different Reasons.
I am scared of what I wont become,
You are scared of what I could become.
Look at me…
I wont let myself end where I started.
I wont let myself finish where I began.
I know what is within me,
Even if you cant see it yet
Look me in the eyes…
I have something more important than courage,
I have patience…
I will become what I know I am

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