Brand New Coke Ad : Haan Main Crazy Hoon : Full Song

Haan Main Crazy Hoon campaign for Coke started a while ago. What immediately attracted me was Delhi’s Connaught Place where most of the Ad has been shot. And then Awesome Music by Amit Trivedi.

Idea behind the campaign is that there is an innate goodness in all of us – one that makes us compassionate towards others. It makes us want to reach out to people and put a smile on their faces. Coca-Cola ‘Crazy for Good’ campaign celebrates this goodness in all of us. Through this, Coca Cola aims to bring forth stories of do-gooders from everyday life. People, who in small ways and little gestures, make this world a better place. So if you think you or your friends are one of those do-gooders- Go Write to Cola-Cola.

Here is the Full Song : Haan Main Crazy Hoon. Feel Free to Download and Spread the Crazyness

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