Getting your music heard

One of the hardest thing you will ever do in your life as a musician is Not making that aha song, is Not learning how to play that Dm7add9 on your guitar, is actually not related to anything related to your musical talent(coz that comes to you naturally) but to get yourself heard. Yes, Telling the world that you have made an awesome piece of music and getting them to hear it, is the hardest thing to do. Esp, when you are at the start of your career. So i thought I would share some advice for you musicians who are talented in everything music but are fighting with the problem of how to make the world listen to the stuff.


1. Showcase it  online. : Or at least on major social networking sites. and esp on Youtube. If you have got some original composition, make a decent video and share it on youtube. Dont hesitate that things are not perfect, or it does not match with your image of a star, or anything like that. Make a video and post it. Do some intelligent tagging and share the video with your friends on twitter and facebook and other social networks. You never know, if Kolaveri Di can do it, then you can too. But dont get too glued with the views you are getting online. let it stay there and you better work on making another song. Leave the views to the people.

2. Make a Showreel and distribute it to Event Managers : Event Managers and venue owners are the places where you start your journey. These are the people who are willing to take risk. These are the people who are handling so many events and if you are profitable for them, they will call you again and pay you. and Yes, Never agree to work for free. Take a minimal fee and perform, you will feel good. but yes make the showreel and send it to all the event managers, and follow up with them after a week, to confirm that if they have received it or not.

3. Go Street Perform : This is what I love about DubFx, Dont care if you dont have a concert of 20000 people yet, just bang the street with your music. People will hear you if you are good. they will clap with you and dance with you. and thats what you get, a little bit of popularity and lots of satisfaction in street performing.

4.  Get good at making contacts :  Yes, get good at networking and everything around it. If you want to get yourself heard, earn money and get filthy rich and popular 😉 , you need contacts, and lots and lots of them. and its not one way networking, not social online networking i am talking about, its real network of real people and friends, who know you as much as you know them. Its not like you have some big shot in your facebook account and then you send him emails about your shows. you bet they are not getting read even once. So better, carve your way inside the industry, starting from the local people and then slowly working your way up and making meaningful friend circle, who are there for each other.

Thats it. I think this much will take more than year or 2 to accomplish, if you start today. So stop reading and get to work and believe me there is too much to do.


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