Johnson & Johnson – For All You Love Ad

Frames in Black and Whites, capturing loving moments within the families. But while “Having a baby” focused solely on babies and their parents, the new campaign, tagged “For all you love,” branches out to include older children and grandparents. Still, the feel-good family glow remains.

The music in the ad also is a departure from the last campaign. Instead of a few supporting notes of acoustic guitar, TBWA, Chait & Day—in its first work for J&J—has inserted a child-sung version of the Guns & Roses song “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” It’s not an obvious choice, but an effective one. And its beautifully arranged by Rachel Santesso

We could not get the link for you to listen to the full version of the song. But here is where you can listen to a part of it and buy the full song if you like :

Johnson & Johnson - For All you love Manifesto

J&J Manifesto

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