Very Best of Limca Ad Songs – Listen, Watch, Download

For past few years, Limca Commercials and Ads have been featuring some excellent original songs and music by some of India’s best female singers. I thought it would be great to put them all together at one place. So here it is.

Limca Ad Song 2011 – Chalo Na – Feat. Actress Adah Sharma

Limca Ad Song 2010 – Yeh Nok Jhonk – Feat. Actress Harshita Bhatt

Limca Ad Song 2009 – Kuch Lamhe Chura Lo Na – Feat. Actress Sushma Reddy

MP3 Download Link

All Songs can be downloaded from the this link here.


Chalo Na – feat Adah Sharma

Chalo na khwahisho ke peeche peeche,
Haan do pal taazgi ke peeche chale
lamha lamha chalo bheege bhage dil jidhar kahe
Ho’ boondo’n saa ye dil taaza
Phuhaar ka ek sa

Mila koi apnaa saa…
Chalo na khwaahiso ke peeche peeche
haaan do pal hmmm…

Ye Nok Jhok Shararte Hai

Ye nok jhok shararte hai
Phuwaro ki ye saazishe hai
Dhandi aahe aur nigahe
Phir se apni bana lo na

Soyi soyi khwashion ko aaj phir se jaga lo na

Taaza taaza rishto ki ye
Taaza taaza ibarte hai
Shabnamo ki taazagi mein
Khwabo ko tum dooba lo na

Khati mithi in lamho se
Mastiyon ko bicha lo na
Ye nok jhok shararte hai

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