Mark Knopfler’s Guitars List

mark knopfler playing his guitar

Mark Knopfler Playing one of his Les Pauls Guitar

Ever since I heard the song Romeo and Juliet by Mark Knopfler, I became fascinated by his music. In a recent interview in a BBC documentary on him, came to know that he has some of most exclusive collection of guitars. I thought it would great to put together a list of guitars that he has in his collection.

  1. 1. Fender Stratocaster, red, 1961/2, maple cap. This was the main axe with early Dire Straits. Knopfler’s first Strat which he still uses today
  2. Fender Stratocaster, 1954, The “Jurassic Strat”, an original Strat from the first year of production
  3. Pensa-Suhr, flamed & Pensa-Suhr, synthi-guitars
  4. Burns Baldin, Mark’s other 12 (double 6) string guitar,  used in the studio version of Cleaning my gun.
  5. Fender Telecaster Custom, sunburst, Played by David Knopfler in early Dire Straits
  6. Fender Telecaster, black (belongs to David Knopfler)
  7. Les Pauls, 1984,1958,1959,special
  8. Schecter Strat, candy-apple red. The main Strat with Dire Straits during the 80ies
  9. Schecter Strat, sunburst, the guitar of Tunnel pof Love that was stolen
  10. Schecter Strat, white, the one with a Fender decal
  11. Schecter Tele, candy-apple red, of Walk of Life
  12. Chet Atkins, nylon strings
  13. National Style O, 1937, featured on the front cover of the Brothers in arms album. Mark bought the guitar from Steve Phillips for 120 UK pounds in the early seventies. Featured on my favorite song ‘Romeo & Juliet’
  14. Burns Baldwin, 12-string
  15. Ovation Adamas
  16. Steinberger GL2

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