Programming Behringer FCB1010 for Ableton Live

  1. Select the bank to program by pushing UP/ENTER and/or DOWN/ESCAPE; banks are numbered from 00 through 09. This example uses Bank 05. Ensure that 05 appears in the numeric display before continuing.
  2. Arbitrarily select a button to assign a MIDI CC message to. This example uses button #1; push it and button #1’s red LED should light.
  3. Hold DOWN/ESCAPE until the small green LED starts flashing; this indicates that programming mode is now active.
  4. Push UP/ENTER to confirm that you want to edit button #1.
  5. If your FCB1010 is set to factory default, you’ll notice that button #1, #8, and #9 now have their LEDs activated. This means that these buttons have MIDI functions already assigned to them. You must remove the factory default MIDI settings before programming the FCB1010 to work properly with Ableton Live. To do this, hold each button down until its red LED goes off. Do this for each button that is lit. Now that all the LEDs are off, no button has CC#s or MIDI notes assigned to them.
  6. Assign a MIDI CC to button #1. To do this, hold down button #6 (labeled CNT 1) until it lights. Button #6’s LED should remain on after you release the button.This button is used when programming to indicate to the FCB1010 that the following button pushes are to be interpreted as specifying fixed channel controller values.
  7. Push button #6 once; its LED should continuously flash, indicating that programming mode is again active.
  8. Push UP/ENTER to confirm that you want to change the value for CNT 1.
  9. A number should start flashing in the numeric display above UP/ENTER. This shows the current CC# number that button #1 is assigned to. For use with Ableton Live, this needs to be assigned to a user-definable CC (within the ranges 22-31 and 84-90 as mentioned above.) For this example, we will use CC#22; specify this by pressing the #2 button twice, or by using the expression controller A pedal.
  10. The numeric display should now read 22 and it should not be flashing. Press UP/ENTER to confirm this selection.
  11. The numeric display should now be flashing with a value. This is the velocity setting, which for this example you should set to the maximum value (127) in the same manner described in step 9.
  12. The numeric display should now read 127 and it should not be flashing (what does this value specify?). Press UP/ENTER to confirm this selection. The LED for button #6 should stop flashing and remain lit.
  13. To save the new settings, hold DOWN/ESCAPE until the bank number appears in the numeric display, which is 05 for this example. The LED for button #1 should remain lit.
  14. To assign more of buttons, repeat steps 2 through 13.

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