Solution to After Effects Error – RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames

We love After Effects for all the cool things we can do with it. All of our music videos are possible only because of after effects, but once in a while, this piece of software goes mad, and out of the blue we start getting “RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames to play”. 2 years back when I first faced this problem, I tried everything, from creating a new project, to deleting layers which I recently added, but nothing helped. And accidentally found a solution which so plain and simple.

Solution :  Select a small region in your project.  Place the playhead inside the region and instead of Preview button hit play button. Let it play for few secs. Now hit the RAM Preview button and see the problem disappears. If not, then play the clip for few more seconds.

Hope it solves the problem. Leave a comment for me here, if you are able to solve it.!! Cheers

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