At Sonicjar we love music, we are passionate about it. We love music in any of its form. From a 30 second Ad Music, to an item number in a bollywood feature film to a unplugged acoustic music album. We love music because while we are making it, it does not seem like we are working. We love music because music has the power to connect with people emotionally, it has power to mend hearts and bring people closer. And that’s why we are here to help you out with any of your musical needs.

Here is a list of things we can help you with.

Music, Jingle, Song Composition & Production for Ads.

Be it Radio, TV or Web – We can take care of all your musical branding needs.

Music & Songs composition and production for Films, Short Films and Documentaries.

We compose original music for film songs, themes and background. We can handle each and every aspect of music production for a small to large scale Film Project, Starting from composition & arranging to recording, mixing & mastering to 5.1 mixing & mastering for theatres.

Music Production for Music Albums

We at sonicjar, are a big supporter for Indie Music, so if you are looking for a music producer, we can help you out with your compositions and songwriting needs including recording, arranging, mixing to finished master in your hand.

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